Vision in Motion: Knaus Tabbert presents the new products for 2025 in Bad Griesbach

The KNAUS, WEINSBERG, TABBERT and T@B brands have introduced impressive, distinctive vehicles for 2025 under the banner of “Vision in Motion” at the annual press conference, which traditionally takes place in June. Knaus Tabbert introduced two new imposing and new model ranges that will be future stars – the KNAUS CASCAN and the WEINSBERG X-PEDITION – two exceptional camper vans celebrating a world première in Bad Griesbach that satisfy the most demanding clientèle.

The Vision in Motion slogan reflects the rapid speed of innovation that sets Knaus Tabbert apart as one of the leading manufacturers of recreational vehicles in Europe. Knaus Tabbert is convinced of the inexhaustible power of innovation, of new ideas, fascinating design and intelligent technologies in an industry that often focuses on what is tried and tested. As the industry leader, Knaus Tabbert focuses on agility, surprises and distinctive appearances – such as the completely redesigned KNAUS CASCAN and WEINSBERG X-PEDITION ranges certainly demonstrate. Both the KNAUS CASCAN and the WEINSBERG X-PEDITION are built on the new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, which is a highly-regarded basic vehicle combining technological progress with the flair of a car. The striking and extremely different characters of both new products reflect the intense development work carried out by Knaus Tabbert’s team of engineers, developers and designers. It is surprising how KNAUS and WEINSBERG completely reinterpret the Sprinter as a basic vehicle in very different ways. Both concepts are coherent yet appear – apart from the vehicle electronics – to be completely different from each other. However, this is not true from one perspective: Ultimately, both are defined by being a spectacularly long way away from the norm. This is precisely what the Vision in Motion slogan represents.

It also fits splendidly to a third innovation that only Knaus Tabbert can offer. In doing so, the company is the first major manufacturer of leisure vehicles to resolve an issue that is part of typical day-to-day caravanning but is certainly one of the least enjoyable activities – namely disposal of the toilet cassette. In the future, the waterless CLEANFLEX system provided by Knaus Tabbert uses weldable hygienic and odour-proof films that can be easily and cleanly disposed of with domestic refuse. This saves on water, space and weight. Knaus Tabbert will offer the CLEANFLEX in all models where this is technologically possible from 2025 onwards.

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