Globe Traveller is for the second consecutive year at Caravan, Motorhome & Adventure

The Polish manufacturer of Globe-Traveller campers has been present for the second consecutive year at the Caravan, Motorhome & Adventure, the Romexpo exhibition at the end of March 2019.

If last year they were present with two Globe-Traveller campers, this year the Polish company presented the Voyager X model in Bucharest.

We talked to Robert Ambrozie, the Globe-Traveller representative in Romania, who told us about the Polish campers philosophy.

Robert Ambrozie – photo: Marian Mocanu – fotografie de produs


May I introduce myself Robert Ambrozie, the representative of Globe-Traveller in Romania. This is our second participation in the Bucharest-based exhibition. This second successful participation comes after the first which was also a success. We have great confidence in the market, we see it as expanding, I thought it was one of the few markets having a great future in Romania and that’s why we are here. I can tell you the perception from the outside because we are discussing these things with my colleagues in Poland, but also from within because I am Romanian – I was born Romanian and so I will die one. We have an extraordinary chance and we have the possibilities also inside, we have one of the most beautiful countries in the world. We also have the chance to travel in Europe with our cars. And not onlyin  Europe, we have all Asia available, that is, the Romanians have only a very clear direction! The Romanians only have the direction of developing and knowing this world and enjoying it. I mean, there’s no way of return to that, just the development. Globe-Traveler is a new company which has not started to produce caravans as other older companies do and practically we have prepared only for the future. We believe in the future of the campervans, which have many advantages. And we will never produce anything other than campervans, because it’s the best solution. We think it’s the best way of doing this. The main advantage is their unlimited mobility. In absolutely every city in this world the campervans are allowed to enter and park. It can make a total nightfall but can not spill, can not connect to a source of energy, but our travelers can sleep in the middle of Paris in the parking lot. We have practically created a car with a complete new and unique concept. We used the best solutions. The fact that we are a new company also gives us many advantages. We basically started with the best solutions from the beginning. I created a new car as I said, first of all because we modified the vanes that are produced by the bodywork maker, we alter them and turn them into the perfect caravan we believe. With some essential modifications, an overhaul that allows us to have a very large and comfortable extra bed and a backstop reinforcement that is obtained by removing the doors and installing a solid panel that closes the car and contributes to ridding the car. This creates a unit from a machine that was not originally thought as a campervan. All of our cars come from cargo van. Their designer thought them as a cargo van. We have brought it to the level of true campers for tourism. We’ve removed the back doors that have nothing to do with tourism. Those are cargo doors.

Our production is only based in Poland at this time. We operate a modern factory with very talented people. It’s hard to find talented people in other countries but we still have the capacity to cover all the market needs. Of course we think of expanding in other countries, but for that we need people. Our main fortune is people.

The closest show room in Romania is Romania itself because we have cars sold in Romania and our customers are willing to show them and invite other passionate tourists to see them and try them out. We are thinking of making a showroom for at least two cars that will stay permanently in Romania and have a service part for our customers. We hope this year at the next exhibition to be ready and invite you there.

Someone told me today, a lady: “Sir, I am passionate about cleanliness and my children have to live in cleanliness. I do not want to put my bicycles in the bedroom. I do not want to open the doors, raise the bed, put the bicycles inside, stay where the bed is.” That’s why our luggage compartment solution and especially the bicycle outboard on the board in the bike stand is ideal for keeping cleanliness inside. Bikes come with mud, microbes, and they do not have anything to look for in the house. They have to stand outside the living space, not in the garage.”

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