MINK Caravans from Iceland, a concept closer to nature

The guest of the show is Nicu Patrascu, the representative of Mink Campers Romania – about the Icelandic caravans

foto: Marian Mocanu – Nicu Patrașcu

“Hello my name is Nicu Patrascu, I represent Mink Campers from Iceland, in Romania called Mink Campers Romania. I am in this field for about 6 months, and I found it necessary to find a new way to get deeper somehow into the heart of nature.

Because I was a corporate employee, that has been active for more than 10 years in this field, I decided to try the part of the entrepreneur exclusively on the outdoor side and for this reason I searched the internet for various methods of promotion besides the usual ones and here we are talking about that motorhomes and simply caravans.

I wanted something niched, because most of motorhomes and simply caravans have a certain size, a certain gauge and their access in different areas is quite difficult. This is the first reason, and the second reason, one of the most important, is that I needed a caravan with which you could drive with category B license.

For these reasons, I have searched for different solutions on the internet and arrived at Mink Campers Iceland, where they came up with an innovative concept, basically the shape of the caravan is taken after the parrot’s beak and was created by Jordi Hans Designed from Sweden.

This concept is a fairly complex and simple yet simple, because it offers you the opportunity to reach places where you can not get access and you can not enter with the motorhome and the caravans. That’s why this camper is small in size, up to 4 meters long with the support shaft, the ground clearance is 30 cm and weighs 550 kilograms, but the last model, released in April this year, has almost 450 kg.

It’s a camper endowed with everything to live a unique experience in nature both in the mountains, at sea or on the road.For example, this trailer can also be used in Greece to cross all the beaches on the islands, as well as on the mountain with this camper is going pretty well on forest roads, because it has a very solid construction, in interior and also exterior.

In my opinion this camper can be named something like, Airbnb for nature, because with Airbnb you can travel and stay all over the world, and I think that this camper can do the same, but in nature, in outdoor, so, if you know certain places, you know certain areas, or you want to explore some tourist areas, it is very important to have with you the hotel room all the time.

That`s the way I like to call the camper, your hotel room everywhere.
This camper is equipped with a bed that has a width of 1.40 m and a length of 2 m and with a fully equipped kitchen, knives, plates, cooker, cleaning kit, and a cold compartment The camper also has a solar panel that ensures its energy independence, and this solar panel ensures the interior lighting as well as charging some devices that can connect to the USB.

The two side doors give you a sense of freedom, for example you can wake up in the morning on the beach and just watch the waves.

The concept of renting in Romania is a bit different, meaning that me and my team have created different routes and recommended places to highlight all the beautiful things of this country. Not many people know the old road to the black sea, that prince that crosses the ferry to Ostrov and then continue the road to the sea. It’s absolutely sensational.

We want to connect people to nature, many people start to turn to simpler things, so you can take this camper together with a car from our fleet or personal car and you can spend a very nice time in nature. I have not checked yet but I think I can go with the camper on the beach because it’s not a motorized vehicle, but it’s kind of a mobile tent and you can stay on the beach.We know very well that it has a disadvantage, that it does not have a bath, but it can go to camps where you can use these benefits.However, the whole concept changes when you want to incorporate a bath in this concept, but the rest has everything you need for a trip. The concept of Iceland is also very good in Romania.

Also, Mink Camper also has a luggage storage, inside the camper, above the luggage on a specially designed shelf.But if there is a family with a child up to 7 years old, we recommend the presence of a child in the camper by this age, the luggage will be stored in the trunk of the car.

Mink Campers Romania focuses on the rental market. There is also a sales part, but this camper model, Mink Sports Camper, is produced manually in Iceland, with talks about moving production across the continent.At us the starting price for this camper is 13500 E, reaching a maximum price of 19,000 euros with all the facilities included.These Mink Campers are produced manually in Iceland, a country that is in the middle of the Atlantic give these prices.”

Interview: VANgabond.eu – travel motorhome Romania

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