FIM Caravans – Special Mention at the Volume Exterior Brand section

FIM Caravans – Special Mention at the Volume Exterior Brand section, within ABC (Automotive Brand Contest)

On September 10, 2019, the experts in the Automotive Brand Contest, awarded FIM Caravans brand for innovation, with one of the highest distinctions, the SPECIAL MENTION, within the section VOLUME EXTERIOR BRAND.

AUTOMOTIVE BRAND CONTEST is the only international design competition for the profile industry. By this, from 2011 and until now, the German Design Council brings recognition for the design, form, technology and communication to the industry brands.

FIM Caravans is the winner of the AUTOMOTIVE BRAND CONTEST 2019 edition, at the VOLUME EXTERIOR BRAND category, where migrator model received SPECIAL MENTION. For more information you can access the official opinion of the ABC experts on the migrator product, HERE.

migratoris a 100% Romanian project, dedicated to the design and manufacture of mini caravans and is the first model launched by FIM Caravans, after two years of design and testing under off-road conditions. For more information about the FIM Caravans brand and mini migrator caravans, you can access www.fimcaravans.ro.

Foto: FIM Caravans

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