TELECO presents its range of Lithium batteries (LiFePO4) for RV

The growing presence of increasingly sophisticated electronic equipment, and the desire of many camper users to enjoy the same comforts on holiday as they do at home, has created a greater need for energy. The efficiency and performance of service batteries have therefore become fundamental factors for ensuring energy autonomy. After extensive experimentation and testing in its Italian laboratories, Teleco will be presenting two series of Lithium batteries (LiFePO4) for recreational vehicles, the TLI Extra and TLI Extra Pro, at the Düsseldorf Caravan Salon.

What are the advantages of a lithium battery compared to a normal lead-acid battery?

An important factor is that during discharge, the voltage remains constant for much longer, down to a 5% state of charge. At this point, the battery management system (BMS), included in both the TLI Extra and the TLI Extra Pro, intervenes and disconnects the batteries. Although they are 95 percent discharged, the batteries will not be damaged. They are ready for charging, which is much faster than for conventional batteries: they can even reach a full charge in less than an hour. This is also possible when charging with the vehicle alternator. They can be charged quickly, even with high charge rates, and can also be discharged quickly without damaging the cells. This characteristic makes them ideal for use with inverters when using devices with heavy current consumption (coffee machines, microwave ovens, hair dryers, toasters, etc.). Lithium batteries can also bear thousands of charge cycles, reaching up to 5,000 cycles, practically 10 times more than conventional lead batteries. They have a very low self-discharge rate and can therefore be left unattended for months. They are also totally maintenance free, weigh up to 70% less than conventional batteries, have a more compact shape and can be installed in any position. They are safe, thanks to the use of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4 or LFP) ion technology, non-toxic, do not emit dangerous fumes and cannot explode or catch fire. Lithium batteries are more eco-friendly as they use low environmental impact materials: they do not contain lead or other harmful materials, in accordance with the EU’s RoHS Directive.

TLI Extra series

The TLI Extra batteries are equipped with an extremely reliable internal “Battery Management System” (BMS), which ensures the battery’s safety and efficiency, monitoring the temperature of the electronics and the cells, and controlling the voltage of each individual cell to obtain the best balance. The TLI Extra series offers three models: the TLI EXTRA 12/100 (100 Ah), the TLI EXTRA 12/160 (160 Ah) and the TLI EXTRA 12/200 (200 Ah).

Technical Specifications

Model TLI Extra 12/100TLI Extra 12/160TLI Extra 12/200
Rated Voltage12.8V12.8V12.8V
Capacity100 Ah160 Ah200 Ah
Energy1280 Wh2048 Wh2560 Wh
Continuous discharge current100 Amp100 Amp200 Amp
Discharge peak 30s20 Amp32 Amp40 Amp
Recommended charging current @ 25°C100 Amp100 Amp200 Amp
Max. charging current @ 25°C12.8V12.8V14.6 V
Duration2,000 cycles @ 80% DOD @25°C with 60% residual energy (charge-discharge 1C)
Service life5-7 Years
Charging voltage14.6 V14.6 V14.6 V
MAX. charging voltage15.4 V15.4 V15.4 V
Weight11.5 Kg22 Kg24 Kg
Dimensions [mm]305 x 169 x H210484.7 x 169.7 x H240.8485 x 170 x H241
Temperature0°C / +45°C for charging

-20°C / +60°C for discharging

-10°C / +45°C for prolonged storage

CertificationsIEC 62133, UN38.3, CE Conformity
Equivalent Pb battery130 Ah220 Ah280 Ah


TLI Extra Pro Series

The TLI Extra Pro (professional) batteries are distinguished from the other lithium batteries on the market by their high energy density: with the same weight and size they store a much higher quantity of energy. TLI Extra batteries contain a sophisticated “Battery Management System” (BMS), which manages the voltage of each individual cell, both during charging and discharging, thereby increasing their life. The BMS also ensures protection from failures due to high temperatures, overcharging and excessively deep discharging.

The features of the BMS include:

  • Integrated CAN-bus communication
  • BMS management electronics integrated with programmable I/O
  • Integrated safety relay
  • External protection fuse
  • Auto-sleep mode and wake-up button
  • USB port for diagnostics and fault log
  • Control panel (optional) with a charging status display and storage mode entry/exit command


The BMS also ensures protection from failures due to high temperatures, overcharging and excessively deep discharging.


Guaranteed quality:

  • Individual quality control for each production step
  • Assembled in ITALY
  • Selected latest-generation components

Technical Specifications

Model TLI Extra Pro 12/105TLI Extra Pro 12/120TLI Extra Pro 12/400TLI Extra Pro 24/200
Rated Voltage12.8V12.8V12.8V25.6V
Capacity102 Ah119 Ah408 Ah204 Ah
Energy1305 Wh1524 Wh5223 Wh5223 Wh
Continuous discharge current100 Amp135 Amp200 Amp200 Amp
Discharge peak 30s200 Amp200 Amp400 Amp400 Amp
Recommended charging current @ 25°C20 Amp20 Amp80 Amp40 Amp
Max charging current @ 25°C40 Amp40 Amp160 Amp80 Amp
Duration2,500 cycles @ 80% DOD @25°C with 60% residual energy (charge-discharge 1C)
Service life5/7 Years
Charging voltage14.4 V14.4 V14.4 V28.8 V
MAX charging voltage14.6 V14.6 V14.6 V29.2 V
Weight14,6 Kg15,9 Kg51 Kg51 Kg
Dimensions [mm]342 x 184 x H195342 x 184 x H195660 x 192 x H340660 x 192 x H340
TerminalPos. DX M8Pos. DX M8Pos. Front. M8Pos. Front. M8
Temperature-20 / +60°C operational

-10 / +35°C for prolonged storage

CertificationsElectromagnetic Compatibility [EN 61000-6-1, EN 610000-6-3]

CE Conformity

Equivalent Pb battery130 Ah160 Ah600 Ah2×280 Ah

Info: TELECO Group

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