The German police make controls on the motorhomes

German police carry out weight controls on motorhomes and caravans.

We are in the holiday time so even some are already in vacation or making their luggage, Romanians have a tendency to put all things in camper on the romanian principal “do not miss anything”. If germans, dutch people, french, norwegians, swedes put the strict necessity in their motorhome, the majority of romanians try to have with them even chainsaws, axes, grills, packs with water, any kind of accessories for camping – useless in many cases.

But pay attention if you want to travel around vest Europe because the police makes checks of weight. We all know that the motorhomes are at the superior limit of weight accepted,  if we add the awning , the air conditioning,  parabolic antenna , the tank full of water, the weight of the people in camper and other things we will overcome the weight accepted by law.

Many campers with which we travel are full loaded, which may leads to fines if there’s a control.

That happend in this weekend on A61, near Kusel city in west Germany. Many camper owners were stopped and weigh by police. On the other side the boat owners, must check that their boats don’t cross the 2.55m width in Europe . However the most pleasure boats are made in SUA, and there the width is 2.59 m, and this is a problem in front of German police.

So be careful people with B category and with the approved campers, 3,5 t is the “magic” limit for driving without problems in Europe.

Source: Mainz traffic manager

Photo: Polizei RLP

Text: VANgabond.eu – travel motorhome Romania

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