The over loaded with 7 people motorhome was hit by a truck

The over loaded with 7 people motorhome was hit by a truck in Germany on the A9.

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On Monday morning, September 16, 2019, an accident occurred on the A9 in the area of ​​the city of Sophienberg, (Bayreuth district) in Germany. A 26-year-old driver from Lithuania, who was driving a motorhome, had to slow down to 60 km / h because of the busy traffic on the highway, when she was hit by a truck that was coming from behind. The driver of the truck, aged 31, did not see the motorhome and hit it. Due to the large size of the truck the car was thrown in the central parapet and from there it overturned on one side, blocking the entire freeway.

In the motorhome there were 7 occupants who were seriously injured and were transported by helicopter to the hospital. The truck driver suffered only one scar.

The truck suffered damages of 15,000 euros and the car, worth 10,000 euros was completely destroyed. According to the police, the parapet suffered a damage of 4000 euros. The A9 motorway was stopped for one hour for measurements and research.

A 10 km column was formed and it was dissolved only around noon (accident occurring at 5 in the morning).

The driver of the motorhome must pay a fine because he was traveling with an overloaded car, with more people than had been written in the car.

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Source: https://www.frankenpost.de

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