Total damage to the rental motorhome in Cluj, Romania

The motorhome in the rental fleet destroyed in a car accident in Cluj-Napoca, Romania – total damage.

Campers are beautiful houses on wheels, which bring us so many beautiful moments. But careless driving can cause the car to be completely destroyed. This was the case with the Rimor Seal 5 motorhome from the endowment of the Raul Turism company in Cluj-Napoca. Two weeks ago, an employee of the company Raul Turism, was managing the motorhome Rimor Seal 5 of the car rental company Raul Turism, on Aurel Vlaicu street in Cluj-Napoca. At one point, a car coming from the rear signaled the long beam several times with the intention of overtaking the right-hand side of the camper, when the driver of the camper pulled the steering wheel to the left entering the concrete strip separator, following a frontal collision. Fortunately, there were no human victims, and the accident resulted in the destruction of the motorhome. The company Raul Turism from Cluj-Napoca has as object of activity the rental of cars, but from spring of this year, Raul Pop, the manager of Raul Turism decided to enter the rental camper market.

Raul Pop – manager Raul Turism

“I had this unfortunate accident, in full rental season and now we lose money. We had the rate, at the bank, we had clients who had reservations. I recommend for anyone who wants to start a motorhome rental business to start with three motorhomes, not one” told us the Raul Pop in exclusivity. The motorhome is a total damage, because due to the frontal impact, all the structure and furniture inside the car had to suffer.

Pay attention to those who are driving a camper for the first time, although the camper fleet in the rental fleets are category B, you have to be careful about the height, length, width of the camper.

Text: VANgabond.eu – travel | motorhome | Romania

Photo: Raul Turism


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