“We will have many premieres for Romania” – Ionut Tudose

“My name is Ionut Tudose and I am the organizer of the caravan expositionin Romania.

This event is the only one of its kind here,and, to our great satisfaction, it grows a bit more every yearand attracts more and more amateurs.

Our story in the caravan business started years ago, approximately 14. This idea of organizing the caravan expositionand the merging of this exposition with the boats one that we already hadcame from the reactions of the campers. We met a lot of peoplewho had an interestin this type of turism. They needed technical information,the vast majority regarded this type of caravan turism as low cost, which is not true.

The event that we’ve already organized with the nautical saloonwent perfectly from a technical point of view. Few know that the majority of those who manufactureventilation systems, antennae, etc. for caravans, also make them for boats.

The idea to merge the two existing events, the boats and caravans ones, we managed in a very discreet manner- we started from the second edition of the event. At that time the brandMotorhome was participating, and they were only exposing camping devices. It went on with the third edition, in which the brandRomcaravanwhich came with caravans, and finally the campers had something to see.

Along the years, there were some firms that tried getting into this business,but they disappeared from the market.They came with products that weren’t suitable for the Romanian market.

Last year there were lots of products, next year will be even more. 8 brands are coming. It’s a pretty important event this year,because it will bring a lot of novelty in Romania, and even some new models, there are new players in the market, and caravan lovers will surely have enough to see.

We’re trying to bring the most down to earth societies to the customers, we’ve always avoided non-professional firms.We have feedback not only from our own collaborations,but from the other players on the market and our clients too. We try to only associat with serios people, who  we know get the job done right.

We gladly expect you between28-31 marchat Romexpoin halls C4and C5, a place where no caravan and boat enthusiast should miss out on.”

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