A new caravan renting business in Brașov

The caravan renting marketis continuously evolving inRomânia. If not so long agowe found out that two renting business closed, we just discovered a new one opening inBrașov.

We talked withdl. Sorin Brailescu,the manager of Sun Camper.

“Our story begins with more than15 years ago when I was on a holiday, with my family, in Italy.It was happening aroundMilan where we stayed at a relativewho lived near a big caravan renting center. They drew my interest as they are  very beautiful vehicles,,wheeled jewelry’’, even more so- with me being a car lover since childhood.Since I was young I was fascinated by cars,so later in life I headed down this pathand finished the Faculty of Road Vehicles in Brașov.

In that particular holiday my family and I decided torent acamper. I went with my sister-in-law who was established in Italy, knowing one of the fleet managers who helped us hire a “Premium” caravan for that period. A few sunny days of roaming followed. I think it was the most beautiful holiday I spent with my family having a sense of freedom and unity, it is said that family members who can eat onions together are happy. For only a moment, they are separated from the world, in complete harmony.Then we realized that we are a family and not any family, the “happier family”. Since then, our holidays have “moved” several times from 4-5 star hotels* in The White Camper, which brought us together.

I dreamed of a personal caravan, but my financial situation didn’t allow itso I decided to fulfill this old dream of mine, to be able to roam the world with my own camperand…I did, buying to new caravans brandFiat Ducato Rimor Seal 5.

I want to set up a small fleet for the start of a few camps to rent, bringing joy to other families, trying a new business to bring me even a small income.

The company is calledSUN CAMPER – the name is like the sun, the brightest astra, which reminds me of the fabulous sunrises we admired when we woke up in the morning in the campsite. The sun is nothing but the morning star. For me, the sunny days are the happiest ones, while charging me with a lot of energy. Let me quote Wilma Rudolph who said “I can do anything when the sun shines above me: no mountain is too high for me, no trouble too difficult to overcome it.” And so the sun was joined by the most beautiful car ever created – the camper.

The area covered is Brașov and its surroundings.

In the future I want to increase the fleet and even collaborate with other vehicle rental companies. ”

Sorin Brailescu – SunCamper

More info on the SunCamper.ro website.

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